PUNUKA Foundation is a private charitable organization established In November 2004 by Chief Anthony I. Idigbe SAN and his wife, Chief Mrs. Elizabeth Idigbe with its head office in Asaba and branch offices in Lagos and Abuja

The main aim of the Foundation is to help the less privileged with focus on children with disabilities. Children with disabilities have limitations due to difficulties in development of sufficient physical, emotional or intellectual; capacities to cope with demands of their environment hence our mission statement.

The Foundation on February 14, 2010 visited some charity homes in Lagos and Abuja in celebration of St. Valentine’s Day and also in commemoration of the birthday of Mrs. Elizabeth Idigbe, a co-founder/Executive Secretary of the Foundation. The event witnessed massive turn out of inmates at the various homes who were evidently in joyous mood and chanting choruses in praise of the almighty God even in their situation. This event is a continuous annual program by God's grace.


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