• Solicitors to Mrs. Gladys Ada Ukeje, who filed an action against the deceased's wife and son before the Lagos State High Court wherein she claimed to be a daughter of the deceased and consequently sought to be included as an administrator of the deceased's estate.
      • The deceased died intestate in Lagos in 1981, thereafter, his wife and son obtained Letters of Administration for his Estate. The Plaintiff's (Mrs. Cladys Ada Ukeje) claims before the Lagos State High Court were for the following: 1. A declaration that as the daughter of the deceased, she was entitled to share in his estate. 2. An order that the grant of Letters of Administration made to the 1st & 2nd Defendants (wife and son) be revoked and declared null and void. 3. An order of injunction restraining the 1st & 2nd Defendants from administering the estate of the deceased. 4. An order that the 1st & 2nd Defendants prepare an inventory of the estate and render account of all the money, transactions and properties which came into their possession since the grant of the Letters of Administration. 5. An order that the grant of Letters of Administration be made to the Plaintiff and the 2nd Defendant.
          The Plaintiff relied on her birth certificate, Guarantors Form, judgment in her divorce case and photographs, to prove that she is the daughter of the deceased. The Defendants contended that the documents were not genuine. The trial Court found that the Plaintiff is a daughter of the deceased and thus was qualified to benefit from the Estate of the deceased.
            On Appeal, the Court of Appeal affirmed the decision of the trial Court and stated that:
              "...a birth certificate is conclusive proof that the person named therein was born on the date stated, and the parents are those spelt out in the document. Once the authorized Government official appends his signature and stamp on the document and such authentication is not contested by the adverse party the presumption of regularity will be ascribed to it..."
                On further appeal, the Supreme Court per Bode Rhodes - Vivour J.S.C upheld the decision of the Court of Appeal. In the judgment delivered on the 11th of April 2014, the Supreme Court held that:
                  "No matter the circumstance of the birth of a female child, such child is entitled to an inheritance from her late father's estate. Consequently, the Igbo customary law which disentitles a female child from partaking in the sharing of her deceased father's estate is in breach of section 42(1) and (2) of the Constitution, a fundamental rights provision guaranteed to every Nigerian. The said discriminatory customary law is void as it conflicts with section 42(1) and (2) of the Constitution." The appeal was dismissed.


                  • Legal Adviser to a major oil and gas company on Nigerian Law in their dual listing on the Nigerian and London Stock Exchanges.


                  •   Post acquisition review for a major oil company of OMLS acquired from IOC's


                  • Solicitors to a leading player in the downstream Oil and Gas Industry in a successful multi-million dollar arbitration award against underwriting banks in the company’s recent capital raising.


                  • Transaction counsel to Papillon Industries Limited in its ongoing merger with Leocool Industries Limited and Leoplast Limited.


                  •   Transaction counsel to a major Oil marketing company in a capital restructuring exercise.


                  • Lead counsel to 4 Bank CEO’s on their recent removal and criminal actions by the federal government of Nigeria.


                  • Representing Pfizer International in the much celebrated suits instituted by the Nigerian Government against the company. Now at the settlement stage.


                  • Solicitors to African Petroleum Plc in the bid for acquisition of Chevron Corporation’s shareholdings in one of its subsidiaries.


                  • Solicitors to Royal Exchange Assurance (Nigeria) Plc in its Internal Reconstructions.


                  • Solicitors to Royal Exchange Plc Right Issue.


                  • Transaction Advisers to PENCOM on Internal Regulatory Procedures.


                  • Solicitors to Fidelity Bank Plc in their N8,000,000,000 (Eight Billion Naira) 2007 equity issue.


                  • Transaction Counsel to Diamond Bank Plc in the acquisition of African Development Insurance Company (ADIC) Limited;


                  • Solicitors to Royal Exchange Assurance (Nigeria) Plc in its rights issue and subsequent public offering to raise N5,000,000,000 (Five Billion Naira) from the market.


                  • Transaction Counsel to SIO Properties Limited in its intended acquisition of R.E.A.R. Properties Investment Nigeria Limited.


                  • Transaction Counsel to Bronwen Energy Trading in their acquisition of an 85% stake in Nigeria Machine Tools Limited under the privatization programme.


                  • Transaction Counsel to a UK Service Company in relation to the establishment of a Spool Base for pipeline fabrication within the Snake Island Free Trade Zone.


                  • Transaction Advisers to ADIC Insurance Limited in Insurance Product Development with a South African Insurance Company.


                  • Advising the BPE under LAP Consortium on privatization procedure in Nigeria and recommending new procedures to meet international best practice on various privatization issues such as the post privatization dispute between the management of FSB International Bank Plc and its Pensioners and the constitutionality of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s privatization programme.


                  • Member of the Global privatization consortium that advised the Delta State Government of Nigeria on the framework to be adopted in the privatization and commercialization of 9 (nine) state owned enterprises.


                  • Acting as Principal Legal Adviser to Robey Dorman Long Limited in the negotiation, drafting and execution of the Memorandum of Understanding between Robey Dorman Long Ltd and its foreign partners toward the local fabrication of equipment (piles and buoy) for the Shell Bonga project.


                  • Advising on a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Agreement between Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority and Mabon Limited for the commencement of hydro-power generation at the Dadin Kowa Dam, Gombe State, Nigeria.


                  • Brokering of out of court settlement of over 2,000 law suits pending against Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (MPNU) as result of the 1998 Idaho oil spill off the coast of the Niger Delta.


                  • Advised and worked closely with a marginal field company in its successful acquisition of a Marginal Field under the Federal Government of Nigeria’s marginal field licensing round and its subsequent negotiations with its Foreign Technical Partners in the farm out of a 40% participatory interest in the field.


                  •  Advising Chevron International since 2005 on Nigerian Law in respect of various litigation in California USA arising from Oil exploration activities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.


                  • Advising Pfizer International over past four (4) years on Nigeria Law relating to litigations in the United States arising from alleged use of Trovan in meningitis epidemic in Kano, Nigeria.


                  • Advising Zebbra Energy Limited an indigenous oil exploration company on shareholding dispute since April 2006.


                  • Advising Sosoliso Airline on litigation and other regulatory matters arising from the crash of their aircraft on 10th December 2005.


                  • Between 1999 and 2006, the firm acted for several leading Nigerian Banks and financial institutions in their public offers and other Capital Market related transactions.


                  • Transaction Counsel to Celtel in its Site acquisition in Ondo, Edo and Delta States during the Project ROSE Roll out Plan.



                  • Involvement in the Siotel v. iBasis Communications case wherein we represented a Nigerian Telecommunications company in resolving concurrent matters in Nigeria and the US over a novation contract and the deployment of Telecommunications equipment.


                  • Advising an exploration and production company on its acquisition of an asset in the upstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.


                  • Drafting and preparation of Lease Agreement between Celtel Nigeria Limited and Bellatrix Nigeria Limited in respect of Oghara Call Center in Delta State.


                  • Acting as counsel to V-Mobile (now Zain) in the matter between M.O. Akpodono & Ors. V. Vee Networks Limited.


                  • Co-transaction Counsel to Royal Exchange Assurance (Nigeria) Plc in its merger with Phoenix Assurance Nigeria Plc and African Prudential Insurance Company.


                  •   Joint Solicitors to Fidelity Bank Plc in its concluded Rights Issue and Public Offering


                  • Transaction counsel to African petroleum in a capital restructuring exercise by the company.